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An iMac Has Been Shipped to Donna T.

macThe very first computer I used was a Mac.  It was my grandmother’s.  And I LOVED it.  I would spend hours on the little rectangular machine typing stories and printing things on a Dot Matrix printer.  I wrote one of my first stories on that computer, called Noah Tall- about a fortune teller.  (Yes, I was that clever with play on words at age 8.)  It was all black and white.  My grandmother had a furry mouse cover that was an actually mouse.  My same-age aunt would get mad at me sometimes because the computer stole my attention away from her and she often wouldn’t let me use it sometimes, saying her mom (my grandmom) said, “No.”  When I did a search for old Mac pics, I think this is the model my grandmom had– my very first computer experience.  (128K model IIRC)

The one computer in all of Tobyhanna Elementary Center that students could use was an Apple II G or something like that.  I would always sign up to play Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune where square people  with very square hair in very light colors would guess letters and words.  Man, it was so fun.  This was in the 80s.

My very first real computer that owned was a present from my mom- a PC she bought from my uncle when he got a new one- that I got when I was a senior in high school, 1996.  (That gift meant the WORLD to me- I had been asking for a computer for nearly 10 years and finally got one!)  That computer lasted me through my first few years in college, and then I got an new HP in maybe 2001.  Then, in 2007 I got a new Gateway laptop as a birthday present from Dave (my ex-fiance for those who don’t know me.)  I’ve always worked or owned PCs.

In the late 90s and early 2000s during my time at Wilkes, I was reacquainted with a Mac.  All the cool artsy people that I’ve met through my adulthood have all had Macs. Wilkes actually turned into an all-mac campus, so when I am at Wilkes, that’s all I use.

mac2Now, since I am having serious computer issues.  Ever since I moved in September and reconnected to the Internet at the new apartment– maybe the new connection made me vulnerable- but I’ve been infected.  Nothing can help.  The computer takes over 30 minutes to boot up sometimes. It’s super frustrating.

I take this as an opportunity to go Mac.  I have every reason in the world to replace my computer.  So- I bought an iMac today- a 24-inch : 2.66GHz.  I am so excited.  I plan to keep my PC laptop just to have a PC around.  I do most of my writing at home and would like to have a nice desktop computer again.  I do a few residencies and writing retreats each year, so for now, I’ll bring along my current PC.  Until I get so hooked on Mac, that I need a MacBook pro, that is!