My School

donnawilkesWhat more can I say about Wilkes University, except that it’s my Hotel California.  Yep.  I never leave.

1996- Started Freshman year

1998- Left for a huge career in radio (exaggerating- but that’s what I thought when I was 20!)

2004- Returned part-time,eventually full-time again

2007- Received bachelor of arts in communication studies

2007- Started MA in Creative Writing program

2009- Earned MA in Creative Writing

2009- Started MFA in Creative Writing program- expected to graduate in Jan. 2010!

I was super-involved my freshman year– pretty much had my hand in everything from all the communication clubs to student government, a work study job, etc.  I left at the tail end of my sophomore year.  After four years in radio and then working in the adult learner realm, I was inspired to go back to school.  The second time around, I was a much better student.  More mature.  I was still involved- being a section editor of the school paper, a board member of the PR firm, and returned to my former work-study post in the school’s PR office.  Wilkes has had a HUGE impact on my life- not having a huge family, this school really became my family.  Its staff and faculty ultimately becoming mentors and parental figures to me– even at age 30!

The MA in Creative Writing program has definitely been a life-changing experience!  Here’s a video to show this close-knit group in action:


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