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Moments of Wit & Wisdom: Catsup flavored chips?

As seen on my Facebook wall…. Another photo-caption I’d like to share – this time, taken in my home office. I heard some rustling, but I was deep into a draft (OK – I was Tweeting!), so didn’t turn my head right away, but when I did, I made a dash for my orange-monkey-skinned iPhone and snapped this baby. Sorry for the blurriness.

Here’s the post:

It’s harder to let your cat go back in to the bag than to let it out.

My cat loves barbecue chips. That’s decent bait

cat out of the bag

Spectra was having a bad hair day.

And to think… I only sold one greeting cart so far! (Oatmeal Studios)


Moments of Wit & Wisdom: Change of Seasons & The Peace Shake

Cherry, meet Harvest.

Cherry, meet Harvest.

As you can see, I was enjoying a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. Then, I opened #2 for the evening, a Harvest Moon, Blue Moon’s Seasonal Ale. I looked at the two bottles next to each other, and it hit me. I took a picture and posted my thought to Facebook. After my friend Alan commented on the Facebook post I made, I realized I needed to move some of these simple thoughts here. So, this begins a new recurring feature on the blog, Donna’s Moments of Wit & Wisdom. (Mostly these are to amuse myself.)

I’ll add another thought I had today:

I read in the Times Leader today that the local Catholic churches, for fear of passing along illness, are discouraging the peace handshake. My reply?

I think the church should finally stop passing the offering basket around?

Our hands have far less germs anyway.