About Me

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Hi there!  I’m Donna T.   I define myself as a writer, daydreamer and friend.

I classify myself as quirky and creative.

I like to surround myself with people who are any or all of these: open-minded, fun, creative , awesome and just plain nice.

I am the laziest busy person you’ve ever met.  I wear many hats and get stuff done, but I also enjoy sleeping, napping and procrastinating.  Why?  Good stuff comes from both dreams and pressure.

Pasted from Facebook simply out of the aforementioned laziness, here are my interests:  writing. blogging. the internet.  reading. words. letters. memoirs. daydreaming. nighttime dreaming. sleeping in.  naps.  scary movies.  cuddling during scary movies.  stars.  rock star hair-dos.  colorful people.  funny t-shirts.  energy drinks.  coffee.  music.  fiddles.  harmonicas.  banjos. NPR.  board games.  specifically scrabble.  nature.  scenic views. campfires. traveling.  roadtrips. history. learning. cooking. hummus.  cheese. peanut butter.  microbrews. school busses. ethnic foods. being corny. laughing. laughter.  the 60s. wearing my barefeet.

I work in e-commerce, am pursing my MA and MFA in creative writing at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

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6 responses to “About Me

  • Pietschmann

    Cool, I am quirky, not lazy but energetic and busy, I love unique people and you sound very unique. I am a freelance writer mostly travel,spas and cruises, been around the world with the love of my life, Richard whom I married right from college. We have a cat named Elmo and live among very unique, artistic people in the Hollywood Hills of LA. Keep up the good words.

  • Old Bogus

    Where is the RSS feed link?

  • donnatalarico

    ooh- thank you Old Bogus. I didn’t add one when I switched to WP. Thanks! I will add it today.

  • donna t

    hey donna…coincedently, my name is donna T. my life path is 3 as well ……and oddly i too have a tattoo on my wrist….and my profile eerily reads exactly like yours.

    i am a liitle freaked out right about now…..

  • J. Gagion Malloy

    I very much would like for you to be my guest at the Opening Party of Paddy Kenny’s Irish Pub in Blakeslee, Pa.(1.5 Miles past Pocono Raceway on Rt 115 South). We will feature 8 Ice cold Draft Beers including Guinness, Smithwick’s, Harp Lager & Malloy’s Dark Irish Ale. Our Buffet will feature some of our Signature Irish Comfort Foods and Chef’s Compositions. Feel free to bring a friend or three and join us The Night before the Morning After.
    Always Looking Forward,
    J. Gagion Malloy
    Executive Chef

  • Donna Talarico

    Hey there, Joe. My mom is actually working there. What a coincidence.

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