Women are from Venus, Chocolate is from Mars

Yesterday, I went with one of my new colleagues to E-town’s Convocation. She was taking pictures, and I was tagging along to experience the tradition. As she was taking pictures of the crowd before the procession began, I couldn’t help but inhale. After all, that’s part of surviving.

When I inhaled nasally, the smell of chocolate chip cookies spread throughout my olfactory cavity.

“Do you smell cookies?” I asked the photographer. The dining services staff was working on setting up tents for the All-College Picnic to follow the Convocation. Freshly-baked cookies for dessert, I thought to myself. But how did they get the ovens outside? I’ve seen tiny portable ovens before, but for hundreds of people? Would everyone get a cookie?

“That’s M&M/Mars. It always smells like that,” she replied with a smile.

It wasn’t cookies. It was chocolate. Being made. But it smelled just like cookies baking in the oven. I wondered what was being done at the moment. Was it the chocolate being made from the cocoa? Or, was a batch of Peanut Butter M&Ms (my favorite) being made? Joe and I had passed the manufacturing facility while we were exploring Elizabethtown, but I didn’t realize the chocolaty smell lingered all the way to campus. Mmm!

Today, on my way to campus I had my windows down (which I hand-rolled, by the way). As I turned on to Chestnut from High on onto to College Ave., I smelled that smell again. What a pleasant way to start each morning.

(As a side bar — chocolate bar in this case– I learned that Mars makes a lot more than I thought – Skittles and Altoids, for example. I also read in the latest Elizabethtown College alumni magazine that Frank Mars – a fourth generation of the family owners of the company — spoke on campus.)

When the time rolls around where I crave chocolate more than other times of the month, you may just find me at the edge of campus getting some respiratory therapy for PMS. Chocolate inhalers. Now there’s a good idea.


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