When did days grow wings? They fly by!

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.

The worst kind.

It’s be better to blog about what I had for lunch than to not blog at all.

I’ve been crazy busy.

Work is always busy, but the last month of 2009 was crunch time for completing my MFA. My final project was the redesign of Etruscan Press’s website, as well as developing a social media guide to to distribute to its authors. Then, in January, I started to teach a class at Wilkes, one that I also designed – Public Relations & Social Media. It was been a fun time and has taken up a lot of my time with lesson planning, grading, and the like. I am also reading and researching a lot more. Then, since I’ve completed the MFA, I started to freelance a little more. So, I finally got a lull, but I filled it right back up. There were goals I previously blogged about, and I have not done much with those. Sadly.

I have some cool projects I’ve been neglecting, and I am looking for ways to better organize my time to work on them – social-media-for-writers.com is one, querying my memoir is another. I have another video blogging project which I’ve kept unassociated with my real name, so that needs some updating. And then, there’s the list of 27 story ideas (short stories and books) I have hanging around…Oh, and after two years of single life, I’m in this thing called love so, while I still am home more than I was last year, now there someone who visits me and distracts me from blogging. 🙂

But mostly, I have Idea ADD. And I need to get it under control. Any suggestions? I’m tapped out.

I’ve been keeping lists of random things that I’ve wanted to be full blog posts, but never got around to blogging about them. There are tons. I should just find those few lists and write them all and preschedule them and play catch up.

Speaking of random thoughts…

Morbid thought – as I made farafalle alfredo this evening, my smoke detector went off. Not because I don’t know how to boil water (and I hadn’t even started the cheese sauce yet), but because of the steam from the boiling pot. See, my kitchen does not have an exhaust fan and it is chilly so the windows are closed. This made me realize that I am sleeping deeper thanks to a new remedy for my sleep disorder. I was wondering if the pharmaceutical company that makes what I take tests for decibel level needed to wake while the drug is in full effect. It’s a CNS medication. I live alone. If there were a fire, would I hear it? Yeah. Morbid to think about that, but I am a creative writer and have an imagination, so sometimes I think these stories in my head may sound silly in real life, but would make for a great CSI plot!


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