From Twitter to Twilight, it ’twas a great weekend.

I do what I want! I forget what movie that like is from.

Weekend kicked off with a great NEPA TweetUp at the Banshee in Scranton. Here’s a great slide show of pictures from this event that drew dozens of people from around NEPA. Saw the ‘usuals’ and met some nice, new people, too, that I know I may not have met otherwise. That’s one of the best things about TweetUps. Meeting people in real life that you enjoy following on Twitter, as well as finding other people you didn’t even know were on Twitter.

Today, I had a great Sunday matinee with some of my girlfriends. It’s been something we’ve been doing know for a few months and I really enjoy it. Today was especially nice because it was a cold, rainy, miserable day in NEPA and I would have stayed in bed had I not had something to look forward to. Here’s the thing. I love vampire movies. But, I was scared to watch Twilight. I didn’t want to fall into the hype surrounding this. I was uncertain, since I’ve heard all the criticism about it, if I would enjoy it. I made an excuse to one friend, “I didn’t read the books or see the first movie.” She dropped of the first movie yesterday and I watched it this morning over waffles (okay, the waffles were gone in just seconds). I liked it. For 122-minutes I was entertained. Did I predict things? Sure. Was it a movie I think I would nominate for an award? Nah. But I liked it. I didn’t hate it. And, I can’t say it sucked compared to the book because I didn’t read the book. All I knew going into the movie was that there was Team Jacob and Team Edward and that the vampires sparkled.

I also did enjoy this spoof of Twilight from Oatmeal – which is pretty dead on. But, when I enjoyed the movie for what it was, I didn’t mind it. However, I love this post from Oatmeal. Anyone with any kind of intelligent humor — whether you like Twilight or not — will find this smart and funny. Especially writers.

So what about the “I do what I want” comment? For some reason my usual lively comments that follow my (often silly and random) Facebook status updates were sprinkled with some negativity. And, by people I like, albeit some I have seen in many, many years. At any rate, it just irked me a little. I love a healthy debate, but I don’t like when people say negative things JUST to complain or JUST to be mean. If you don’t like something, say why. If you want to create conversation about something, ask me my opinion, don’t just state yours.

This is what the person said:
I hope you’re interested in horrible screen writing and terrible actors because its littered with both.

I have some talented screenwriting friends that would probably agree, but they wouldn’t just say that. They’d say WHY it was horrible. They know it is horrible because they know what a good screenplay should be. But, I am also sure that my screenwriter friends have enjoyed, laughed at, cried at movies that had horrible screenplays because after all, we are still human and still can feel. Even if something is poorly written, if I somehow connect to a character, I may end up liking the story. Believe me. I am not saying I love Twilight, but people I love, do. And I wanted to give it a chance and I kind of liked it and am now curious to what happens next. (My exact words were: “You guys are all assholes. Now I want to read the book!”) I never said the movie was horrible without giving it a watch. I never would, with anything. I may have said I didn’t want to see it, but that was based on not wanting to fall for the hype. (To this day, I have not seen Titanic for the same reason.)

I also once commented on my friend Cory’s blog here about Twilight, too, where I said I didn’t want to see the movie. So, now that I did, I feel like a hypocrite, but at least I admitted to it. My mind was changed and I went to see the movie. But, unlike the Facebook commenter, Cory created a compelling blog post with a well-thought out, well-defended stance on Twilight. That’s the way it should be. His post has varying comments all that are well-said. That’s the kind of debate I like! Not little one-sided hate-droppings.

I admit that because I have some academic experience in the literary world, I was almost embarrassed to have some of my friends in this realm find out that I went to see Twilight. But then, doesn’t that offend my other friends who do like it? I’m not going to not be me. I think most people agree and I was definitely worried for nothing.

Oh – and the Twitter. I got flack for my Facebook comment post NEPA TweetUp. I had said:

And then some people commented on how there is nothing intelligent on Twitter and that it’s overhyped and that it sucks. I happen to love Twitter and hold it dear, so comments like that sting a bit. I mean, I guess it’s partially my fault for taking ownership of Twitter so much to let negativity about it hurt and I know that everyone can’t possibly like everything (although I seem to come close in my shiny, happy world), but come on. Some Twitter supporters came to support me in the comments, though. Here were my responses:

(In the last image above, when I said, “I think so.” I was referring to someone asking if people were complaining to complain.) Was I highly offended by those comments I talked about? Nah, not at all. Just a little peeved. But it’s out of my system now. Now, let me go make an intelligent tweet that I just posted a new blog. 🙂

P.S. Since that’s an image above you you will not be able to click on the Huffington Post article by Gretcehn Rubin (10 Reasons Using Twitter Will Boost Your Happiness), you can read it here. What a great read.

And if anything, I learned that I often misspell Twilight. Haha.


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