Moments of Wit & Wisdom – Or, funny stuff from Facebook

I like to think that I can be witty and clever. I love play on words and stuff, so sometimes, I just try to make the most of a status update or tweet. Here’s one I made about two minutes ago. As soon as I hit send, I realized how dirty it sounded.

And, here’s another one-liner that made me laugh. Of course, you may have to read the news story to understand why I wrote what I wrote. Basically, two young high school teachers were caught topless together in a classroom:

This was just amusing. This was after three straight days of eating cheese as a snack.

Dear Who Ever Made Cheese You Complete Me

And, I am so glad that my friends think I am funny. Feels good to laugh, be laughed at, be laughed with.

I don’t really know the point of this post except to show how much fun engaging with other on Facebook is. It’s seriously way more then, “Just ate dinner.” Come on folks! It’s about staying in touch and being social and having meaningful interactions with great people you may not get to see all the time.


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