I Love Uncontrollable Fits of Laughter, Even at Inappropriate Times

Ever laugh so much you cry?

I sure as heck hope you answered, “Yes. Often.” If there’s any trait I like in a friend or boyfriend, it’s the ability to laugh. I think that’s why I’ve assembled such a great group of people I associate with because the ones to which I’m most close, we have these uncontrollable fits of laughter. And you know what? Sometimes they are at nothing. Sometimes, you “just had to be there.” But those moments are so memorable. I can tolerate boring people, but if you can’t laugh, chances are we won’t get along too well.

And the past seven days, it’s been a Thursday tradition of sorts. Today and last Thursday, I laughed until I cried until my belly hurt as if I actually did something with my abs.


This is an insanely fun game.

Last Thursday was the first time since I’ve been in my new place that I actually had a group of people over. It was for a laid back board game night. It was great. I picked up two cases of beer, some cheese, some crackers, some tortilla chips, some cookies, some soda, made a killer nacho dip and laid out the spread. My friends brought over mango sangria, a hot spinach dip, salsa, and an amazing banana cake.

Then, the games began. We chose Loaded Questions: The Adult Version, which was my secret Santa gift from one of my Wilkes creative writing friends at our April retreat (yes, I just said Secret Santa in April – I told you. I have fun friends). As if the game wasn’t hilarious to begin with, one question spawned the best laughing fit I’d had in months. If you aren’t familiar with Loaded Questions, basically, one question is asked and players write down answers. Then, whichever player’s turn it is, must guess who wrote what. On this particular turn, it was my turn to read the answers for someone to guess. I forget who was guessing, but that part doesn’t matter. The question is: Name something that might cause a man to lose is manhood.

J.S. (female) hands me her sheet and says, ” I am not sure if I spelled that right.”

I look at it and see she crossed out a bit of the word and rewrote it, but I knew what she meant. “It’s all cool. No worries. I gotcha. Doesn’t matter how ya spell it.”

I assemble the entries from the other players- there were 7 of us total. I read through them, and get to J.S’s.

“Va… Uh, vast…. uh…”

Shit, I think to myself. I know this freakin’ word. Why can’t I say it?

“Vast economy!” I say.

I realized immediately I messed that up.

“Vast economy?” laughed J.S.

Everyone started to laugh so hard that no one said anything to each other for a good two or three minutes. Seven adults. Crying. Laughing. Gasping for air. It was so freaking comical.

Of course, I was trying to say “vasectomy” but the Yeungling Lager must have messed with my pronunciation. So glad I mispronounced it. It made for an incredible, uncontrollable fit of laughter with friends. Of course, the rest of the time, R.S. and K.K. especially worked “vast economy” into regular conversation. K.K. is in sales, so he was like, “Tomorrow’s gonna be a big change at work. My number will soar because it’s a vast economy.” R.S., who is a newspaper reporter chimed, “I better call the business editor! Cover story! The recession is over! It’s a VAST ECONOMY.”

I was showering the next morning and starting to laugh. I started to laugh so hard, I had to prop my naked self up agains the wall and take a deep breath, “Oh, God! Vast economy, hahahahhaa.” I was hoping my neighbors didn’t hear. That Friday night, J.S. and another friend, K.S.,  who was at board game night, but had to leave before Vast Economy, went to the movies and J.S. and I were laughing even more as we told our other friend. Ah, here’s hoping 2010 does bring us a vast economy… what that even means.


To bring us to the next uncontrollable fit of laughter, we go to a company-wide benefits meeting this morning, which happens to include K.S. who missed out on Vast Economy. A woman from an insurance company is going over some voluntary benefit plans we could enroll in. One of them was accident insurance. I was paying attention, but also reading ahead.

I started to read some of the fine print, such as things that aren’t covered, accidents related to: skydiving, bungee jumping, race car driving, war… I am amused. I push my copy of the pamphlet over to K.S. and point.

She scans it and points to one of the sentences and giggled: Falling out of an aircraft.... (like a blimp or balloon).

I jot down on my notebook: “What if I am pushed?”

She reads it and immediately covers her mouth and starts to laugh, which makes me laugh. We are both in an important meeting trying so hard to contain the laughter. We’re not laughing out loud, but we’re crying. Our bodies are moving like we’re laughing. She’s crying and just looking at her is making me laugh.

I fell out of an aircraft once as seen here.

I am thinking of the lady up front doing her job (and well by the way – she and our corporate HR people are very dynamic and nice and make benefits not painful to listen to) and hoping she’s not thinking we’re laughing at her. This proceeds to make me laugh even more, because now my comment wasn’t the only funny thing. The situation is also terribly funny.

Finally, I just can’t hold it. I let out a burst. Just a little one, but something came out.

“Bless you,” says another co-worker. Thank god he thought I sneezed. But, that he thought I sneezed made me laugh even more.

She and I could not even look at each other for fear that we’d not make it. We finally regained composure, signed up for dental coverage, a flexible spending account, and filled out a questionnaire on what information we wanted about those extras. Then, we laughed when we were finally out of the meeting.

What makes you laugh? Share your story….


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