Overhearings at Thanksgiving Dinner

Random memories and ramblings from Thanksgiving this year:

Best line overheard during dinner prep:

“I need another stick of butter for these potatoes.” – Mom. That one made my mouth water.

Best insult uttered:

Sister, getting ice: Ew. It smells like butt in here.

Brother: That’s just the freezer blowing your ass breath back in your face.

Almost mortifying moment:

Donna: Burp

Brother: What was that face for?

Donna: I almost barfed when I burped and had to swallow it. I think I ate too much.

Weirdest moment:

Finding out my little sister can form a butt (or balls) from her loose stomach skin. See, Mom and sister were comparing stretch marks, and sister demonstrated something strangely fascinating: her recent pregnancy means stomach still elasticy. When she bends over, she can make her that loose tummy skin look like part of the male anatomy. It was hysterical.

Moment we realized it’s the season of giving:

When stranger knocked on door because her car wouldn’t start. Mom left to bring her jumper cables and help her start her car.

Most Typical, Usual Moment:

Mom beat me at Scrabble, but only by 52 points. It was that damned seven-letter word.



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