Talented People I Know #3 – Ashley Ambirge – Writer, Designer, Blogger, Awesome

When I returned to Wilkes to finish my BA, I was older than most people in my class (although there were a few people in the communication studies departments also in their late 20s). That said, I never saw many of my fellow students so much outside of class and that said, therefore not many close friendships formed the way that they had been my first time at Wilkes as a traditional freshman. BUT– I met some amazingly talented people and love following the successes and journeys of my fellow communication majors. One spunky young lady in particular is Ashley Ambirge. Had we been closer in age, or even just spent more time together, I am convinced we’d be like peas in a pod. She is, in a way, who I desire to be.

Ashley Ambirge is one of the talented people I am lucky to know. | Photo Courtesy TheMiddleFingerProject.org

Ashley Ambirge is one of the talented people I am lucky to know | Photo Courtesy of TheMiddleFingerProject.org

We just had a quick correspondence on Facebook, just an hour ago. She commented that she liked my haircut, and I take that as gospel from her because she is quite the fashionista. I wrote her back to ask how her grad school was going. She replied, and shared with me her new blog, The Middle Finger Project. It’s a blog about lifestyle design. I haven’t made a Talented People I Know post in a month or so, so I immediately started this post to spread some love for Ashley and her blog.

Ashley’s Middle Finger Project is all about living life the way you want to lead it. Being non-traditional. Non-conformist. Living for the now. Being a bit impulsive. Doing only what makes you happy. These are all things that I believe in, and I actually teared up reading her About this Project page because it’s just so amazing to see a beautiful, talented woman living her life the way she wants. Her unique and optimistic outlook on life is very similar to mine, except for one small difference – she took that leap of faith and is DOING it! After reading her blog post, I cannot help but think that maybe I should be doing more. I can’t say I haven’t thought about it. The tagline of her blog is – Rejecting the Status Quo and Rebelling Against Mediocrity.

She’s well-traveled, well-dressed, and well on her way to big things. Meet Ashley. Here’s a snippet from her Who’s Behind This page:

I found this fascinating quote today:

As excited as I am to implement these objectives, I’m also a firm believer that the journey is equally important (if not more so) as the destination.  A lot of my impulsivity is rooted in that particular belief, and I make decisions largely based on what I feel will add the most value to my life both immediately and in the long-term, in line with the goals I’ve outlined above.  If that means doing things in an unconventional matter, then so be it.  For me, life is an adventure to be lived, an experience to be had, and one that should not, by any means, be disrupted by mediocrity and routine.themiddlefingerproject.org, Who’s Behind It

You should read the whole article.


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