Memory Lane: Regis & Froggy 101 – :15 seconds of fame!

One day, Regis Philbin told America to, “Have a hoppy day.”

And, it’s because I told him to.

Welcome to the first post in another new series on Daily Dose o Donna, Memory Lane. Here, I will recount (quickly) unique, memorable stories from my past. Hope this will be a prequel to a collection of essays one day.

Event: My trip to Live! with Regis

Year: 2001

Age: 23

My place in life: I was promotion director at Froggy 101, living in Luzerne, PA and dating Mike.

The story: Through a connection, I scored some tickets to see Live! with Regis at ABC Studios. This wasn’t a work event, but I decided to bring some Froggy 101 swag to try to get our call letters and fun logo splattered on national television. I brought a bag full of station T-shirts (which a design I came up with: a spoof of the 70s ‘Have a Nice Day’ shirts with the smiley face, and instead had our frog face and it said, ‘Have a Hoppy Day.’ Radio promotions really meshed well with my corniness!), Froggy 101 license plates, and bumper stickers.

In 2001, I went to see Regis (when he was on his own for a few weeks) and got him to hold up a Froggy 101 T-shirt on air!

Regis and crew getting the shirt ready to go live after the pre-recorded George Clooney segment was over.

This show was after Kathie Lee retired and Regis was looking for a co-host. The day we went, Meredith Viera was co-hosting. During a longer break (because they had to use a prerecorded George Clooney interview), Regis talked with the audience. I walked up to him.

“Hi, Regis! I’m from a radio station in Scranton. You have relatives near there, don’t you?” I asked, remembering a little nugget of information that he threw the first pitch at a Red Baron’s game years ago because of some local tie.

“Oh, yes,” he said, or something of that nature.

“I brought you some goodies. Can you tell America to ‘Have a hoppy day?'” I asked, holding up one of my shirts.

“This is cute! Sure,” he said, taking my bag off to the crew.

After the Clooney segment and a commercial break, Regis said there was some folks from Froggy 101 in Scranton, PA in the studio and said that they wanted you to have a hoppy day… he held up the shirt. He and Meredith giggled a bit and they carried on with the show.

Regis Philbin and Meredith Viera on the set, holding up my Froggy 101 T-shirt

Regis Philbin and Meredith Viera on the set, holding up my Froggy 101 T-shirt

After the show was over, he came back over to us. We asked for a picture, so here it is. Not only did I meet Regis, but I got him to give a shout out on national television. Brian Hopper, the then midday guy at the station said the phone lines were lit up from listeners who were surprised to see the Froggy 101 shirts on the air with Regis.

Mike, Regis, and Me in September 2001 on the set, after his show.

Mike, Regis, and Me in September 2001 on the set, after his show.

Long after 2001, Froggy 101 also became nationally-recognized on NBC’s The Office! Most Office fans know about Froggy 101 because Dwight has the station bumper sticker stuck by his desk. Of course I was long gone from the station by then, but awesome to know that the awesome Froggy logo is still being seen by people everywhere, even when they can’t tune in.


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