Last October – What was I doing this time last year?

Sometimes it’s fun to look back at a blog post or posts from last year. Last year, this week I

  • had just moved to my new place in Swoyersville (now: still here)
  • just got back from San Fransisco for a work convention (now: no travels this fall)
  • did Wilkes homecoming (now: going this year again, and now on a committee)
  • did Oktoberfest and hung out with someone pretty awesome afterward (now: no Stegmeier Oktoberfest, but a friend had one. No awesome boy afterward this time.)
  • had my side view mirror smashed off (now: got mirror fixed seven months later but today, car is broke down)

Surprisingly, no drastic difference between the first week of October 2008 to this week, this year. Most people still in my life, car still having something wrong with it, still drank Steg Oktoberfest, still single.

Just some observations because I can’t sleep. Oh. So, what was I doing this week in October 2007?

Car trouble. Ha! I had run out of gas in the Yukon. (Still living with Dave.) He got on me about it, and I explained that there must be something wrong with the gas gauge. He didn’t believe me. Then, as if on cue, we got a letter from GMC about a recall for a malfunctioning gas gauge. We took it to the dealer to get fixed.

Also this week, I blogged about sleeping trouble. How funny is that? I’m blogging because I can’t sleep and I find on this very date two years ago, I had the SAME issue. My blog post was about Bigelow Sweet Dreams Tea.

Guess I should go tea shopping.


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