Imagine Tattoo a Popular Search Term it Seems

I don’t have Google Analytics on my blog because I don’t host my own WordPress blog. But, from the stats that WP has, recently there has been hundreds of hits to my blog post for my imagine tattoo. Am I some kind of trend setter? Haha. I thought I was being original, but I guess lots of other people want this awesome, inspirational word tattooed on them as well. Also, wrist tattoo is a huge word being searched. Just an observation.

Here’s some of the words people have used to find my blog: imagine tattoo, imagine tattoos, tattoo quotes, wrist tattoos, wrist tattoos writing, one word tattoos, tattoo on wrist, wrist word tattoos, word on wrist tattoo, “imagine” tatttoo, imagine tatoo [sic], girl wrist tattoo, letter tattoo on wrist, inner wrist tattoo, tattoo wrist writing, wrist tattoo quotes, wrist tattoo ideas, and more. That’s just the past 30 days. Hope my tattoo and blog post about it helps others find what they are looking for!


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2 responses to “Imagine Tattoo a Popular Search Term it Seems

  • Mel

    You may want to make sure no one’s going to steal your tattoo idea- it’d be horrible to see someone else on the street walking around with your tattoo! x

  • kate1211

    I stumbled across this and love it because I just got an Imagine tattoo for my birthday (the lyrics though not the word)

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