Seven Letter Words: Mom and Scrabble on 4th of July

I have been trying to beat my mom at Scrabble for as long as I can remember.  I beat everyone else I play.  I know strange two letter words.  I love anagrams– all those Anagram Magic Square puzzles in the Penny Press books I did as a kid until now paid off.  I can rearrange letters to make new words.  I recently chimed to two friends, Matt and Jim after I came up with something quirky about a word, “I like letters.”  I sounded like a third grader when I said it, but I was sincere. I do.  But when I am up against my mom, I just can’t win.  I beat her once in my early 20s and once again when I was 26 or 27.  That’s it.

I tried again on fourth of July.  I threw down VETO.  Not bad for a first word considering the poor selection of letters I had.  Next up?  Mom was dealt a seven-letter word- STOCKING.  She commented, “Ya know, I’ve been playing Scrabble online and people just leave.  They just leave in the middle of the game.   I don’t get it….”  Could be because she’s like Rainman with Scrabble.

scrabble game 7-letter word

I had to soak up the glory, but I sandbagged for a few minutes, sipping coffee, pretending I was looking hard for a word to put down.  I sighed.  Then, I threw down my own seven-letter word.  LOUNGES, also making VETOS.  I took the lead.  Woo hoo!  My mom was sweating.  She said so.


We both ended up with one more seven-letter word each as we played Scrabble.  I got INTEGRAL and mom got RETREAT.  I had the lead several times, but overall, she kicked my ass at Scrabble once again.


MOM:  402

ME:  332

A good-scoring game, but I still hung my head in shame and she threw the score sheet in the box with all the others.  We date and save them all, and it’s sad that most of the dates are birthdays and holidays.  We really need to get together more, because even if I lost, it’s still fun, quality time.


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4 responses to “Seven Letter Words: Mom and Scrabble on 4th of July

  • Old Bogus

    My first wife had her own system of winning. Being the naive trusting husband, I wasn’t suspicious. But even a dufus like me eventually discovered the dictionary hidden in the washing machine in the bathroom! Her bladder just didn’t have staying power during Scrabble!

    Check all hiding places. Monitor all “nature calls”. Trust no one, even your mother. My ex did this playing with family and the boys!

  • Donna

    Yes- my mom always reads the dictionary, too! That’s too funny! Here’s to a few 7-letter words the next time you play. Thanks for reading!

  • Jennifer

    My mom and I play Scrabble a lot when we’re together. It was my Great Aunt Lou that no one could beat. She was still sharp in her 90’s! Looks like you two closed up that board pretty well. Who played “tibia”?

  • pokerbot

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