Incredibly Fun Valentine’s Day!

I’ve been single for almost a year now.  And, I am having such a good time with my friends and just being me, that I didn’t even care that it was Valentine’s Day.  Some single people get all depressed. What on Earth for?  It’s ONE day, right?  People go on dates all year round, so to me, even when I was in a relationship, I never got what the fuss was all about.  Of course, I’m more like a typical guy when it comes to these things… at any rate….

Three of my favorite girls planned a girl’s night out.  We started out at Marty’s Blue Room in Nanticoke (technically Sheatown) for an unbelievable dinner.  A few coworkers of mine have been there recently, and I actually wrote about it once for a profile piece,  so I was so stoked to try it!!  My friend at work who goes all the time recommended the Crabby Dip for an appetizer.  And, I have to thank him– It was hands down the best crab did I ever, ever had.  Better than those chains!!  My “date” L tried the Bruschetta, which was the best we’ve ever had.  It was a big piece of flat, sotf and delicious garlic bread topped with cheese and roma tomatoes.  It wasn’t the typical bruschetta where everything is chopped up- very different and amazing!  The salad that came with dinner was awesome too- not just lettuce and tomato– it had all sorts of veggies and sprouts and had a baby green mix.  So good!

Dinner came.  Wow.  I had trouble deciding what to get.  I wanted to try a steak because I heard they were amazing, then wanted to try Haddock (which they offer 12 ways) but then decided on Chicken Patrick.  It was two HUGE chicken breasts- the best I ever had out.  They were so juicy and tender and blackened with seasonings that were just perfect.  It was topped with cheese, and served over pasta with a sort of alfredo sauce.  It was so good- I can’t even describe it.  J got the baked haddock and it looked amazing! It was drizzled with seasoning. L got the 12oz. Delmonico which was huge and looked amazing.  K got the 5 oz. filet.  We all got the house potatoes, a few with Cajun seasoning. They were by far some of the best mashed potatoes we’ve ever had.  They were whipped until they were angel soft, and then baked again, individually in little crocks.  I got the Cajun- mine were then topped with a great, spicy concoction.

We all had a ton of leftovers.  And, we barely talked because the food was so incredibly good.  I want to go again, soon because I want to try that haddock!  And the potatoes again.  All of our bills came to about $40- not bad!!

After dinner, L left us and the rest of us spent some time at Arena Bar & Grill and then headed to Brews Brothers to see one of my favorite bands, 40lb. Head.  When we got there, the singer saw me and said, “Tom Petty coming right up!”  And later, their encore song was “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.”  At any rate, to me, the band is like a good bartender– they know what you like!!

Thanks ladies for such a fun night!!  I was stuffed with food, loaded with drinks and died of laughter!!


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