Free iPhone Apps I Already Dig

iphone-app-store2If you are looking to buy an iPhone anytime soon, be forewarned.  Your social life may suffer.  Your driving will become impaired.  Your productivity at work will plummet.  You will get less sleep.  And if you are already affected by those hindrances, getting acclimated to your iPhone will make them more severe.  At least for a day or so until you decide you CAN put the neat little Mac gadget down and do other things.  Until you pick your iPhone back up again, of course.

So, since I am a new iPhone user and many potential iPhone users have asked how I liked it, I decided I’d post about a few iPhone apps I really dig.  I started with the free iPhone apps, but the ones that charge or nominal, like 99-cents or $2.99 or something silly cheap like that.

Facebook for iPhone -I immediately added Facebook for the iPhone because when my one friend showed it to me, I was blown away.  I was forever jealous of his iPhone.  Until Saturday.  I am no longer jealous of his iPhone and only now jealous of his iMac.  Anyway, Facebook for iPhone looks more visually pleasing than Facebook itself.  The wall is so organized!  I love, love, love it.  When I really love something, I always say love thrice.

Twitterific for iPhone– I’m a tweeter.  Not as much as many other Tweeters I know, but I try to tweet on Twitter once or twice a day, and if I am out drinking, sometimes more.  There are many Twitter apps for the iPhone.  Most of the people I know use Twitterific, so that’s what I added, however I hear TwitFon (or something like that) is good, too.

Shake and Spell for iPhone– on the iPhone AppStore, I searched by category.  I clicked on game, and since I have a fondness for word games, I clicked on “word games.”  I stumbled upon Shake and Spell, which is a knock-off of my second favorite word game… ever… Boggle!  And get this!  You actually shake your iPhone to jumble the playing field.  Wait.  That sounds like date.  To jumble the playing board.  Fun times.  Came in handy at the doctor yesterday.

MoodPhone iPhone App- a mood ring for your phone.  Enough said.  Fun to play around with.  I don’t like when it says I am sad.

myLite– this handy thing turns your iphone into a freaking flashlight.  You can adjust the brightness.  Wow.  Now I can always find my keyhole when I get home late at night because I never leave my porch light on.

iphone-whitenoiseWhite Noise iPhone App– this is my favorite so far.  There’s a pay version too, but with the free one, you get eight different noises to listen to.  You can set a timer so you can fall asleep to the sounds of waves crashing on the beach, thunderstorm, chimes, white noise, clock, fan and my favorite, hard rain.  My alarm still went off, too so it doesn’t affect other apps, although one time when I wasn’t asleep yet, I checked facebook, so the white noise app closed and I had to restart it- but that’s not a negative- that’s just me having ADD. for iPhone- I didn’t play around with this too much, but when I downloaded the app and then logged in, a big red 3 (the same format of all iPhone “new” notifications) popped up in my cart- so already I was in buying mode, reminded that I never proceeded with my last purchase, that there were three memoirs lingering in my check-out.  Cool.  Now I will spend way more money.  Nice job, Amazon.

Beer Brands– haven’t played with this one too much, but I go out a lot, and I go to a few places, like the Arena Bar & Grill which has an ungoldy amount of beers on tap and bottled.  So, this app gives you info on all the brews, like alcohol content, what it goes well with, etc.  You can also click, “random beer” and something will come up.  I like trying new beer, and I think this app will help me find beers that are similar to the ones I like.

AroundMe– This one was really, really cool.  It works with the GPS in the iPhone and tells you where the closest things are.  When I downloaded the app, I hit “pubs” –it displays results in order of distance by default, so can anybody guess what came up for me?  Hops and Barleys.  According to AroundMe on my iPhone, it’s 259 yards away.  Then, you can find your route by car, bus or foot.  Cool stuff!

That’s all the apps I’ve downloaded so far, and that’s quite conservative.  I know I am going to download the yellow pages for iphone next, and some other people have made recommendations.  Maybe I will post again about the new apps I discover.  Feel free to comment, too!


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