Saturday Purchase #1: I Finally Bought a TV (After a bad customer service experience at Sears)


“If you read the TV Guide, you don’t need a TV.”

That’s what the Grandpa in the Lost Boys said to a confused Sam.  At any rate, I have not had a television in over eight months.  And, it really hasn’t been bad.  I rarely watch TV.  I get my fill of the shows I like at friends houses who have TiVo and also by watching stuff online.

I am online so much and read and write so much, that I never really missed the TV.  However, I want to start having friends over more, and I feel that to entertain, a TV is kind of a must.  Plus, I really do like movies, and they are just too hard to enjoy on the computer screen.

So, I tried to buy a TV at Sears on Tuesday night.  There was one woman in the electronics department, and she was already helping a couple take down a floor model. I understand.  That’s fine.  But she did not acknowledge my existence for about ten minutes.  Then, there was another older woman also looking at TVs.  I asked if the salesman had greeted her.  Nope.  I had my ATM card out.  I knew which TV I wanted.  There was a 32″ Vizio on clearance for $466.  I had a $100 gift card, so it’d be $366.  Nice!  My second choice was the same size Samsung for $499.  Finally, the sales lady walked by in a huff and said ina not-so-nice tone, “I am the only one here.  Bare with me.”  I bared with her by going to Macy’s and the Gap for new clothes.  I wasn’t about to give comission to someone who was so rude.  I would have patiently waited because I could see she was busy and it’s first come first serve, but she could have been nicer.

I like Sears and the sales they were having, so I wanted to give the store my business.  However, not that particular lady.  I was busy the rest of the week, but today, I went back to Sears.  They were sold out of the Vizio, but still had the Samsung out.  My friend and I were in the aisle and an old man walked by and farted.  It smelled bad, so we walked around to look at the other TVs.  The same lady who ignored me on Tuesday walked by us twice, and then she finally said something to my male friend.  He said, “I’ll have to tell my roommate about these sales.”  So, she walked away.  Good. I was afraid she’d try to sell me.  But, she mistook us for a couple and never asked if I needed anything.  That’s what she gets for assuming.  So, thinking the fart smell was gone, I went back to my Samsung, hoping the bad sales lady didn’t follow.  I found another guy to help me and I told him what TV I wanted and we checked out just like that.

I like to buy from people who treat customers nice.  I would pay more somewhere else to get better service.  I am not a price shopper- I look for good deals, but also at places or from people that treat people right.

I don’t think I am going to get cable just yet.  I just want the TV for movies, really.  And a lot of the shows I like are on broadcast networks, so that’s cool.  So, at any rate, I survived almost a year without a TV.  And during that year, prices dropped dramatically on LCD HDTVs.  It was worth the wait! I could have even a larger one, but I just would rather put the money toward a computer or something else that I’d spend more time with.


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