Things I’ve Been Craving: Tattoos, Snacks, Beer and House Stuff

This blog is dedicated to the things I’ve been craving. Some I got, so I didn’t. “Some I got” is poor grammar, I know. I don’t know why I wrote that.

We have a really cool restaurant/deli at work. They happen to serve ice cream. One of my co-workers, G., walked by me with a dish of strawberry ice cream and it looked delicious and refreshing. So, I headed downstairs to get some of my own. Only, I took plastic Pepsi cup I use to fill up with soda (when I am bad) and water (when I am good) and decided that I would put a few scoops of vanilla in there. And then, fill it up with Mug root beer. My own home-made root beer float. To my dismay, everyone was craving ice cream today– there was no vanilla left. I didn’t think strawberry and root beer would mix, so I just ate the ice cream and took my empty cup back up stairs. But now, I am craving a root beer float like you wouldn’t believe.
For a short while I worked for a Budweiser wholesaler doing promotions. During this time I was forbidden to drink anything but Anheuser-Busch products. At the time I drank a lot of Yeungling Lager, so my boss suggested Michelob Amber Bock. I liked it. I enjoyed buying cases at the employee discount. Once I left Bud, I didn’t revert back to Lager either. I switched to Miller Lite solely because I was gaining weight. But, I still craved Amber Bock. But, nowhere I regularly drank offered it on tap. And, I always forgot to ask for it in bottles. So, last week when I went to Bar Louie at the casino with my friend, I saw it was featured on tap. Bar Louie is based in the Midwest where AB is located- so it made sense. I was excited and quickly changed my lemonade order to Amber Bock. Mmmm. So last night I was at a pizza place and the Olympics were on. I saw some amazing divers but then was even more dazzled by the ad for Amber Bock. Twice in one week I was reminded of a beer I spent so much time with back in 2002-ish. So today after work I went to Bonanza Beverage in Dallas and picked up a case of Amber Bock bottles for a mere $21.90. Killer deal I think.
I have been craving carpets, a dining room stable and storage solutions since I moved into this hell hole in May. The only way I can make the ugly ceiling and ugly paneling look better is with nice furniture. And jazzing up the place. I still think I may hold off on a TV for self-discipline reasons. But still, it just feels un-American to not have one. Still, I guess I am pretty un-American because I do not shop at freaking Wal-Mart. At any rate, I finally decided to splurge. I got a nice new dining room table- pub style at Kurlancheek’s in Exeter… super nice people there. I bought some area and throw rugs- a cool shaggy kind from Target. Next is a desk, some fake trees and some wall coverings and I will be set. I also bought a storage cabinet for the bedroom for all my junk. But that has to be put together so that will wait until after the Tulsa trip.
A TATTOO- Had a crazy dream
I put on my turn signal to turn into Marc’s Tattooing at their new Shavertown location but I kept going in the direction of home/beer store. I’ve been contemplating my tattoo seriously now the past few weeks. I want to get the word “Imagine” on my back (lower or upper) or my shoulder. Any ideas?? I am not sure what font and if I want any kind of illustration with it. I thought if I stopped in I could get some ideas from the artists at Marc’s Tattooing. But I figured I’d get roped into it, and if I got a tattoo now and it did make my back hurt, the flight may be uncomfortable. Also, I had this dream last night that made me feel better about getting a tattoo. I was at the tattoo parlor (why is it called a parlor?) and the guy injected ink inside me with a big Novocaine type needle and it hurt. It was one of those dreams where you actually FEEL the pain. I woke up it “hurt” so bad. When I woke up I thought to myself, “If it is less pain than that, it’ll be cool.” And get this- I fell back asleep and I finished where I left off. I told the guy it hurt and he said, “You only have the top line of the Capital I. Is that okay?” I told him it was and I left.

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