Cats ‘n Cakes -Slash- Grooming & Grub (I was torn what to call the post so I used both)

The past several days (okay, weeks) I’ve been noticing that my cat is shedding quite a bit. It’s summer. Animals do that. But I’ve been sweeping up cat hair every day, and when I come home on lunch and Spectra gives me love, I must use the lint roller before returning to work. Then it dawned on me. I need to brush her.

So, I brushed her. And I brushed her. And I brushed her. The hair was coming off in gobs. I made this huge pile, and yes, this is from one ten-year-old feline:

And then, there was so much hair,
I was able to make this kitten for Spectra to play with:

And then, I made peanut butter pancakes for dinner. I was tired of Mac & Cheese. Tired of 99-cent Celeste brand microwavable pizzas, Deluxe flavor. I was tired of tuna sanwiches. I was unhappy with the fridge. I was unhappy with the cabinet I keep my non-perishables, like all the pasta and rice and noodles and Ramen. What was I to eat? I almost scadaddled and headed to BK, but then I opened the big cabinet, where I keep baking stuff and the oils, and drink mixes and suddenly:
HALLELUJAH! Angels sang along with the harp in the background and what did I see? Aunt Jemima! Reses’ Peanut Butter Chips!! Eggo Syrup!!! Spray Butter!!!! Does it really matter if you make pancakes at 8:30pm? Of course not!

So, I made four pancakes. I had some trouble with skillet because my apartment is quipped with a crappy stove, so they weren’t perfect looking, but in taste. Holy freakin’ cow. Delicious.

There is an even funnier story on why I had all these ingredients. If you can’t tell that it was purchased after a night on the town, then look closer. I had to chuckle to myself when I saw the picture I just snapped. It huge yellow letters in a huge blue banner, it says, “Easier Open & Close!”– check out how I opened the box, haha. But yeah, the story is very funny. It may end up in my memoir.

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One response to “Cats ‘n Cakes -Slash- Grooming & Grub (I was torn what to call the post so I used both)

  • Old Bogus

    Who would know you are single from this innovative cooking? 🙂 Got a freezer? Cook quantities of good stuff for later consumption. My wife used to do a week’s worth on weekends. Me, I’d settle for a few days!

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