I Wanna Write Superpokes for Facebook & Relaxing Saturday

I’ve had quite the relaxing weeked. I’ve needed one, too. It’s been pretty non-stop between working and writing for school. Mental strain and drain is sometimes more of a reason than physical labor to just sleep….

I’ve started completely over with my memoir and I must say, it is worlds better than my first draft. And- even after the first 50 pages, I’ve gotten some great guidance from my mentor Bev (Riding in Cars With Boys), and I am pretty much going to revise these 50 before moving ahead– which just with revisions alone, it will turn into about 80 pages I am sure…. It’s amazing the memories that flow out when you get prompted from an unbiased source… Bev went through all 50 pages with me during a phone conference and she’d ask, “Why did you feel that way?” or “Well, what did he look like?” — all these obvious questions that made me think I was rushing through the first chapters to get to what I thought was the focal point of thebook…. turns out, I’ve missed a lot of details. I have never been more excited to write, thanks to her encouragment and honesty. It’s what I really needed….

One of the main reasons I went out on my own in May was to focus on the writing, so I have to. I am cheating myself if I don’t. I gave myself the freedom, now it’s what I make of it. I have to admit I’ve been enjoying freedom by going out a lot, too.

So- I kinda went off on a tangent there…. I was originally going to blog about how I’ve caught up on sleep. And it felt good. I slept in until noon on Saturday. Read a book. Fell back asleep, woke up at 2:00. Read a little more. (Crackpots, Sara Pritchard… lovely!) Got up, did a few things. Decided I may go to a camping birthday party. Was going to shower and get ready, but laid down again. Woke up at 6:00. I repeated the lounge, read, nap cycle until about 2am when I actually went to bed for the night. (haha) And then, I slept in until about 11:00 on Sunday. No one can understand how I can sleep so much except Dr. Dellarosa from the Wyoming Valley Sleep Disorders Center. But that’s a whole other story. But today, I feel refreshed. I have some writing to do, must go get some food and stuff for the house and then will spend the day revising/rewriting.

But, I was on Facebook earlier today, and I just am in love with the SuperPoke application. It’s fun. There’s something for everyone. It made me realize that I could write some pretty good Superpokes. I wonder if they accept freelance submissions? I think that’d be pretty sweet if I was responsible for people poking each other– but in another sense, by throwing a good party, I could do the same thing. Haha.


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