My Twenties Are Over … and I Am Okay With That: Donna enters 30-hood- a lifetime summed up in a blog post

When I was a kid, 30 seemed so old. Heck, so did 21. I mean, 30 is a milestone birthday I guess, at least according to the greeting card companies. It’s a new decade, so that’s something special I suppose. But what I am not, is old. 30 is not old. Since I have been 29 for 364.5 days, I must say that I truly feel younger than ever, even though each day I’ve been growing older. The past few years have been pivotal- I finally graduated college, I started a career in ecommerce at an excellent company and I’ve started and am more than halfway through my Master’s in Creative Writing. I recently also made some choices in life that have given me independence- the freedom to truly find out who I am and what I want to be. So, the late 20s have been the best years of my life, but I know the 30s will only get better.

Recently, I was trying to remember dates for the memoir I am writing- I was trying to get a focus on the years 13-16– they seem so distant- but to help, I had to physically draw a map- so I thought I’d share the timeline of my life up until now.
1978- born in Philadelphia as Donna Ploshay.
1979-1981- learned to walk, talk, pee in a toilet, moved a lot
1982- started nursery school; mom got remarried and I get new last name too; moved to Poconos; travel to music shows on weekends
1983- started kindergarten at Tobyhanna Elementary Center; travel to music shows on weekends
1984-1987- no major life events, continued elementary school, was a great Girl Scout; played Mrs. Do Right in “Invasion of the Quarter Snatchers”; travel to music shows on weekends; go to Disney World
1988- 1989- mom got divorced; we moved around & mom met Joe who’d be stepdad
1990- move to Reading, Pa for part of 7th grade, back to Poconos for part of 7th grade and then to Tulsa, Oklahoma to finish out the year at Nimitz Middle School; my most nomadic year
1991- got braces and contacts; had my first boyfriend and first kiss; join fife & drum corp; start job selling newspapers door-to-door for Tulsa World & Tulsa Tribune newspaper
1992- little brother born; mom got remarried; I got drunk for the first time; start high school, join marching band (flute)
1993- Still in high school; still working for Tulsa World; quit marching band; little sister born; lost my virginity (details reserved for the memoir!); join school newspaper staff, The Sentinel, try working at McDonald’s for little while but went back to selling papers
1994-Get driver’s license and first car, move to Muskogee, OK to start 11th grade; move back to Poconos to finish 11th grade; start working at Big Boulder Ski Area, Split Rock Resort and Piggy’s
1995-Start senior year, still have those three jobs, join local radio station’s high school intern program; editor of high school newspaper and on yearbook staff; pretty uneventful
1996-1998 Won high school a rock concert, get in first car accident, graduate high school, move to Wilkes-Barre, start at Wilkes, get first apartment, get my cat, Spectra, work briefly at Red Lobster and Taco Bell, work in radio part-time, start dabbling in writing and internet stuff; organize protest on campus, join every possible communication studies club there is; present petition to city hall to allow roller blading in downtown Wilkes-Barre
1998-2001- Leave college at end of sophomore year to work in radio full-time, do really cool things, some that can’t be printed, go to Memphis 2x, Nashville 3x; win some industry promotion awards, start freelance writing locally; Turn 21; HIGHLIGHT: Meet my birth father!; have first long-term relationship with boy
2001- leave radio to go back to school, but don’t go back to school yet; have a stint at Best Buy and then start as admissions rep at local career school; still freelancing; first real break-up (but it was all good)
2002-2004 Start back at Wilkes part-time to finish degree; still working at school- GO SKYDIVING & Go on TLC for reality show called Help Wanted and place 2nd; still freelancing; meet new guy and move in with boyfriend for first time
2005- quit work to finish degree; enjoy being a full-time college student again; still freelancing; self-publish, Kids, Have You Seen My Backpack? And Other Inspirational Stories of Non-Traditional Students.; get pregnant, miscarry (twice).
2006- start working at same school again, but still have two more college classes to finish; still freelancing
2007- Resign from job at school when they don’t let me change schedule for my own school; start at Solid Cactus, graduate college with BA in Communication Studies, begin Wilkes’ MA in Creative Writing program; have College Prowler guidebook on Wilkes published.
2008- Here I am. What next?
P.S. Wanted to add more links, but I got lazy. Wanted to add pictures, but they are all still at Dave’s house. I’ll perhaps update with some baby pics later. ; )

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5 responses to “My Twenties Are Over … and I Am Okay With That: Donna enters 30-hood- a lifetime summed up in a blog post

  • Theresa


    There were alot of good times in OK during the 13-16 year range. Dont forget your favorite…PPA’s and the Shark club. I am sure your 20’s were much more memorable…atleast the things we did together several years ago.

    I have some news but will share that seperately.

  • Big Fish

    Happy Birthday, 30!!!

    Keep that stellar life stellar… I love how you mention the infamous “being a child of… divorce… lots of divorce.”



  • Old Bogus

    I graduated from high school in 1961. You are NOT old!

  • Steven

    I was in “Invasion of the Quarter Snatchers” in elementary school as well. I didn’t know anyone else had heard of it.

  • Donna T

    Haha! Which character were you? I was Mrs. Do Right. I never could find much info about it. I am glad someone else heard of it- makes me feel sane! = )

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